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Why some Black women find it easy to try something new

When it comes to Black women White men interracial relationships, everyone keeps probing into why some Black women still don’t date white men, why others are more open to the idea of trying something new and most of all, why more white men are now dating black women even when the media claims that white men don’t find black women attractive. Clearly, the controversies and media focus surrounding black women white men dating aren’t about to come to an end.


Well, I am a black woman who has dated a number of white men but to be honest with you, I don’t exclusively date white men. And the number of times I have been in Black women white men relations (which are more times than not), its not like it was something I was consciously doing. Its not like I woke up and decided that my next dude had to be white or from now henceforth, I am going to date white men. No! It’s just that I have always been open to finding love. When it comes to dating for me, I believe in looking for a man I have a connection with and a man that respects me. So for me, culture and racial background aren’t on the list of my preferred mate. At the same time, I work in a mostly white company so these are people I interact with. 

So one of the reasons is attraction. And another reason could be environment. If you live in a white neighborhood for example, much as you may want to date black men, you will find yourself being attracted to the white men you hang out with or bump into. So for a woman who has been dating black men exclusively, it can be easier for such a woman to find herself in Black women white men relationships because she is open to finding love … and not necessarily from a black man. At the same time, some women may have noticed a pattern in their black relationships and figured out, trying out something new wont be such a bad idea. And to be honest, most of them have not been disappointed.

For any black woman looking to go the black women white men dating way, I’d advice a reputable black white dating site. Here, you can meet white men open to dating black women. The key here is to be open to exploring new possibilities